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Speaking at AVAR 2005

사용자 삽입 이미지

[AVAR 2005 - Association of Anti Virus Asia Researchers Conference] 2005.11.17

Andy spoke on the paper "New threats on Mobile environment in KOREA" in AVAR2005.
In this paper, we researched into the security hole and using problem, the predicted attack of malicious codes and suggest a guideline of safety mobile phone uses.

After finishing the conference, it was very nice hanging out with other analysts, researchers and developers.

In Korea, CDMA based cell phones are used widely.
Nowadays many people concern about attack cell-phone by malicious codes.
Recently, the malicious codes on Symbian OS are found, many people's concerns are on the increase.
Of course, In Korea, many users worry about possiblity of malicious codes' attack but Mobile Service Providers(eg. SKT, KTF, LGT) do consider malicious codes' attacks. two years ago, we already developed a signature based antivirus solution on SKT CDMA environment. maybe traditional styled attacks are not possible for a long time.

In spite of these activities, the security holes are based on users' mind. in process of connecting PC, malicious codes attack is enable to do exploit.
Illegal contents or firmware are shared on the Internet, so the latency of exploit exists. to the future, the attacks predict forgery, modify, stealing of contents or data and breakdown of phone.
In Korea , many users uses phone manger and QPST tool widely .

In this paper, we research into the security hole and using problem, the predicted attack of malicious codes and suggest a guideline of safety cell phone use.
Reseached problems are likely to be in other country and similar evironment.
so cell phone manufactor, searvice provider and AV company consider these problems.

Full Paper : "New Threats on Mobile Environment in Korea",

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